Influx DB 1.2.0 on armbian or raspberry PI

If you like me you purchased an orange pi Zero , or a raspberry pi you have the option to use the great OS : Armbian ,
the problem is the repository used is from ubuntu xenial .

the influxdb package contained in the repo is currently only in version 0.10.0 and some critical functionality are missing in this version. (like moving average)

first use apt-get to install influxdb to install the old version

apt-get install influxdb

then stop the server

service influxdb stop

then on the influxDB official website you can find this command to download the latest arm version

tar xvfz influxdb-1.2.0_linux_armhf.tar.gz

then use rsync -a  influxdb-1.2.0_linux_armhf /  to copy the content of the extracted folder to the / directory and overwrite everything.

the restart the server

service influxdb start

to look if the service is starting correctly you can tail syslog

tail -f /var/log/syslog

in my case i had an error forcing me to do a complicated conversion of the database , or reset the database ,
My database was 2 days old , so i reseted the database ,

rm /var/lib/influxdb/meta/raft.db

the service should now be running ,

you can check that the server is listening on the 8086 tcp port ,

 netstat --tcp -l