Qingping ClearGrass CGDK2 factory reset

The Qingping Temp & RH Monitor Lite is a cool little BLE device to monitor the temperature inside your home ,

If you are like me , you don’t really like the mihome app and want to use Home Assistant to automate your place.
Unlike the LYWSDCGQ/01ZM the CGDK2 encrypt the message broadcasted , so you can’t just add the device to home assistant and get readings, you need the encryption key or pairing key ,
The problem that I encountered to get that key is that you need to use a modified version of mihome , create a logs folder in the /vevs/ folder in your phone storage , and then, add the device to mihome for the key to be written in /vevs/logs/misc/pairings.txt
in my case , i added the device before creating the logs folder , so i didn’t have the pairing key .
I figured I just needed to delete and re-add the device to mi-home , but it didn’t go that way !
I tried and tried again and all I got was the error standard verification failed (-29).

Since I resolved this issue , I figured I share how i managed to re-add the Qingping Temp & RH Monitor Lite to mi-home .
I needed to do a factory reset on the device .
to do that you need to :
– Keep the pairing button pressed for 8 sec until all the segments of the lcd become black.
– Release the button for 1 sec ,
– Then push the pairing button again for 2 sec ,

The display flash then get back to displaying the temperature as usual, but now you device is factory reseted .
You can now add the device to mihome app and fetch the pairing key in /vevs/logs/misc/pairings.txt

now continue your configuration in home assistant using the Passive BLE Monitor integration

4 thoughts on “Qingping ClearGrass CGDK2 factory reset

  1. Hi
    Did you get this working with Passive BLE Monitor under Home Assistant?
    If you did, how often does it update?

  2. it update very often ,
    more than 20 times per hours.

    but if for some reason the temperature in the room is very stable and doesn’t vary at all , you can go a very long time without any update

  3. Thank you very much Fabien!

    You saved me a lot of time looking for a reason why two out of four of my sensor stopped pairing with Mi Home! I’ve tried various things while found your post, did factory reset and finally got those sensors added to Mi Home, thanks again!

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